Mini Gameplay

This is a little test I did using quicktime, sorry for some weird placed subs, I’m still learning how to put them, but I will probably do my other game-plays in english so don’t worry and tell me how I did… XD




We know and you guys know we women are complicated…


Spammers! (Beware)

Son basic stuff I think about people how spam and how to deal with them…


Glen Check

Is a korean indie group of 3 members, they’re music is kind of electronic, ecleptic and a timeless vibe to it, I really think the music is cool, check out there new album Haute Couture!

Glen Check are a mix of guitar, synth, and drums. Rather than moving towards an electronica presence, they mix the different instruments together and make music that sits in a lot of different genres.

The first track on Haute Couture “The Naked Sun” is a big departure from their first EP Disco Elevator which sounded a lot more indie rock with synth rounding out the melody. “The Naked Sun” contains a much stronger synth presence. It bridges electronica with rock, but in a strange way that actually sounds like chiptune.

Haute Couture is a rapid step in a significantly more mature direction. The music contains the elements from Disco Elevator, but the arrangements of songs and the construction of each song sounds less amateur. Vocals take a back seat on the album overall though. Each song has a slightly different core theme with some songs pushing a large dance-pop sound like on “French Virgin Party.”

I really enjoy how Glen Check has matured as artists with Haute Couture. They bridged their original release while moving forward and presenting an album that is a lot different from other albums and actually creating a sound that is uniquely their own. (This info on

Here are some of there videos:

Glen Check-Bataille + French Virgin Party (together)

Glen Check-Racket

I recommend you listen to these although they are not MV:

Glen Check-Au revoir

Glen Check- 60’s Cardin