Liking too much!

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de...

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita del simboletto “like” di FB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi guys, I have been wondering the meaning of liking post over at Facebook

The basic thing is everybody everywhere like and favors a lot on Facebook, it’s ok clicking at the like button (OMG I’m so liking this already, click click click), you see some interesting comment that friends post and you go ahead a click like, some picture or photo is post click (Hell yeah), you tagged somebody to another person or animal or thing and CLICK (to the like button), everybody know’s this simple process, it only take a second to LIKE anything (GRRRR…Calm down girl calm down).

You guys probable wondering why I DISLIKE this simple process…(I don’t hate it, juts so I can be clear on the matter) The problem is when someone comes every freaking time and likes everything you put, you might as well put “I’m pupping right now!” and that someone can click like on it, you can say “Go f%$” yourself” and he/she will eventually put LIKE, the examples are endless…The part that I don’t get is when you post a link of a youtube video and in seconds the like of certain human/stalker/don’t have a life/curious george/I want to unfriend you…Hasn’t even watched the damn video (Really..come on, at least you need 5 minutes to see all of it so you can say you like it).

Yeah I know, I’m being overboard, but my concept of liking something is to first:

1. Look at it completely.

2. See if its interesting to you or has any meaning.

3.Then you put like because you can identify or it entertains you.

Otherwise people may think you have too much spare time, no life at all and you stalking the living soul of others.


Do you have friends that take the LIKE button so seriously? Let me Know! Peace out!


You gotta be kidding…

Surprised Smiley

Surprised Smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, well, well…it’s little old me in a dilemma (Again!), only that this time is part funny and embarrassing at the same time. You guys remember last post right? (If you don’t remember or didn’t read it then go and read it already! Geez! (Just joking…but if you read it, it’ll make sense what i’m posting here) So…the thing is that I said some pretty serious matters (almost out of my character) and somebody read it (lets call that somebody “Him” shall we…) You see my master plan was posting it late so that “Him” wouldn’t see it (But eventually it was an epic fail…) because it actually did see it on Facebook (yeah, yeah my post always gets post on Facebook…) So it was shocking for me to get up, check out my post on Facebook and realize that “Him” put like to my post!!! Why me!!! (Stupid Post!!! Damn you rot into the depths of the world! )

There is one thing you have to have clear…if you want somebody to know it’s ok to say it out loud and proud…but if you don’t want that person to know then don’t take chances…(I did it and well nothing really bad happened but if it was another matter I would have a serious problem…Like when I write a private message to the wrong person (It happens to me a lot…) or when I think I’m texting to somebody but in the end is another person but with the same name (God too many Carlos and Manuels hahaha)

So back to the main theme…yes “Him” know it was him…it was SO OBVIOUS (I wanted to kill myself) and I also knew that he woudl think it was him, so the hard part was really should i ask him if he really read the hole damn thing (Damn you post!!!) or not say a comment and leave it there…but then again, I so “Curious” for my own good that I opened my mouth! and it went something like this:

Me: Hey so you saw the post?

“Him”: The post on Facebook…yeah

Me: Yeah, because i saw you put “Like”…Did you read it all?

“Him”: Sure, if I put “Like” it because I read all of it

Me: Oh ok…

“Him”: Do I know that guy?…

Me: I don’t know, Do you? hehehe…

And the of course from that point one I was so busted, I just wanted in that moment for some Mortal Combat character to finish me into fatality! But it really wasn’t that bad, so i just laugh it out and cool down…

P.S.: Deny, deny and deny any weird thing that you post, it wasn’t you it was you alter ego playing tricks on you…Ok, ok just be true to yourself and express yourself freely, you don’t have to be ashamed if what you are saying is from the heart, Peace out!