Word Is Love

Word Is Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been told that “love” comes when you don’t even expect it…Yeah  I know what your thinking: “OMG this chick is gonna get all melodrama now…” Not!…ok just a little…I will start by saying that the word “love” was never my favorite and why you might ask? because I always ended up with (%·%$&) You see what I did…I made you think that I was cursing right there…did I? you will never know…OK, moving on…I admit that all my failed relationships were part my fault too…but then again I had bad boyfriends, so now that my world has come to a turning point in my whole love/romance/loveydovey scenario I have embrace the word “love” in a freakin other level (yes, I’m excited), coz not only I’m accepting that true love does exist (thought it was a fairytale mith) I’m in the process of falling in LOVE, yes guys I’ve fallen!

It’s started with a kiss…yeah that’s not really true…it started we: I know you, you have a friend, your friend see’s me, I see you friend and whatever, then I invited you with you friend to my house,  I get to know your friend better, we go out, we make out and…Nothing happen it was our first date, damn guys chill, GOD!, so…it’s was something like that, then we got to know each other more…NO! not like that, OMG! hahaha just kiddin and know we are going on a date soon so I will see how it goes…(We are going to the movies!)

The good thing about falling in love is that the moments you share with that special someone is great even if your doing nothing, just being with that person, talking, laughing, enjoying life together makes anything you do worth it and so if you want to know more about my Awesome date…you will never know it’s private, shame on you!

P.S.: Love is sometimes unexpected, so don’t try to understand it, just embrace it and be happy!!! Peace out!!!


Thanks for telling me…

Chick Flick

Image by C.M. via Flickr

This story goes back when I was beginning college. I had seen one of my ex boyfriends (not telling who is), we were having something-something (no biggie) and I guess it was nice to felt good being together and back as it was back in the day (it sounded so old school). Suddenly I got all confused and felt that we could actually have something serious, so I started to question myself If I was having deeper feelings for him or it was just a liking the moment stuff, so as soon as I accepted the fact that it was “LOVE” I made my plot and with courage I planned to meet him and tell him what I  felt…yes I know that it almost kind of a chick flick scenario but it’s really different (I promise)…Where was I?…  Yeah right the meeting day!… I was so nervous and not just because I would soon declare my love to a guy, but it was also my first time doing such a thing and before you knew it I was side by side with the dude

There I was talking stupid things before my death (ok not my death, rather my love

confession), seconds and minutes were passing and when I got confident, I striked my loving phrase…”Hey…(the dudes name) you know that I have had i great time with you and I started to realize something…(I really think I said something like that, if not, I’m sorry I don’t have photographic memory)…That…I…LOVE YOU!!!…

After that I was like holy *%$&, Now what is he going to say, I thought  he was going to say:

A. I feel the same!

B: Lets just stay friends…

C. I honestly don’t feel the same sorry.

Instead of that I got a big…….”THANKS FOR TELLING ME”…at that moment I froze because he didn’t say no, maybe their is a hope after all, but he changed the subject like nothing had happen and he was cool with the idea of me loving him, It appeared to be no big deal for him…(I thought so but I was wrong…).

Days passes and i was starting to freak out, because now that I was thinking straight, he really didn’t say nothing conclusive…THANKS FOR TELLING ME? WHAT IS THAT? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? IS IT A YES OR A NO?, my cousin thought that i was getting mental for that insignificant frase…

So I had to take a stand and demand my right for a explanation…and “THE DAY” came, I got directly to the subject and nailded the question.

Me: You (dude’s name) remenber that I told you (the 3 word frase)?

Dude: What? When?

Me: Do you have amnesia?

Dude: I dont remember…(your first confession and he forgot)

Me: You said thanks for telling me…what does that mean?

Dude: Did I told you that? I really don’t know, is shocking because I know you and you telling me such big thing is one in a life time and honestly I would have been shocked and without a answer…

Me: Great still with no answer…

P.S. Guys out there please I beg of you don’t ever say THANKS FOR TELLING ME or any other inconclusive phrase to a girl, its like you guys talk manglish (man language) or something, at least stick to the yes I do or no I don’t, Peace Out.