Word Is Love

Word Is Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been told that “love” comes when you don’t even expect it…Yeah  I know what your thinking: “OMG this chick is gonna get all melodrama now…” Not!…ok just a little…I will start by saying that the word “love” was never my favorite and why you might ask? because I always ended up with (%·%$&) You see what I did…I made you think that I was cursing right there…did I? you will never know…OK, moving on…I admit that all my failed relationships were part my fault too…but then again I had bad boyfriends, so now that my world has come to a turning point in my whole love/romance/loveydovey scenario I have embrace the word “love” in a freakin other level (yes, I’m excited), coz not only I’m accepting that true love does exist (thought it was a fairytale mith) I’m in the process of falling in LOVE, yes guys I’ve fallen!

It’s started with a kiss…yeah that’s not really true…it started we: I know you, you have a friend, your friend see’s me, I see you friend and whatever, then I invited you with you friend to my house,  I get to know your friend better, we go out, we make out and…Nothing happen it was our first date, damn guys chill, GOD!, so…it’s was something like that, then we got to know each other more…NO! not like that, OMG! hahaha just kiddin and know we are going on a date soon so I will see how it goes…(We are going to the movies!)

The good thing about falling in love is that the moments you share with that special someone is great even if your doing nothing, just being with that person, talking, laughing, enjoying life together makes anything you do worth it and so if you want to know more about my Awesome date…you will never know it’s private, shame on you!

P.S.: Love is sometimes unexpected, so don’t try to understand it, just embrace it and be happy!!! Peace out!!!