Mr. Mr. – Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation new single “Mr. Mr.”, the SNDS are back with the hot and sassy video, enjoy!


Come back home – 2NE1

2Ne1 new single “Come back home”, love the futuristic theme that has the video, enjoy!

Neon Bunny

This is the first Neon Bunny video that I liked “Oh my prince”.

This music video is from her new album and I totally like the feel to it.

P.S.: I enjoy her style and it’s probably because it has an 80’s style and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Kim Sung Kyu – I need you

I’m really into this song, to me it has a very ballad-indie-kpop feel to it, I know that Kim Sung Kyu (hope his name is correct) is from Infinite, Kpop Idol Group from Woolliment and is the leader, he been doing his solo Album recently (I need you is one of the song in his album), just got out 2 mv’s (Music Videos), he’s been working with Kim Jong-wan(the vocal, guitar, keyboard of Nell) so this is by far my favorite song this year and i hope you enjoy it!

K-Indie Comeback!

How to Be Indie

How to Be Indie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there I’ve been into korean indie music for a while now and today I saw some of my favorite groups with their new comeback music videos, so I decided to share these videos with all of you guys, so here they are below:

Clazziquai – Can’t go on my own!

Nell – White night!

Glen Check

Is a korean indie group of 3 members, they’re music is kind of electronic, ecleptic and a timeless vibe to it, I really think the music is cool, check out there new album Haute Couture!

Glen Check are a mix of guitar, synth, and drums. Rather than moving towards an electronica presence, they mix the different instruments together and make music that sits in a lot of different genres.

The first track on Haute Couture “The Naked Sun” is a big departure from their first EP Disco Elevator which sounded a lot more indie rock with synth rounding out the melody. “The Naked Sun” contains a much stronger synth presence. It bridges electronica with rock, but in a strange way that actually sounds like chiptune.

Haute Couture is a rapid step in a significantly more mature direction. The music contains the elements from Disco Elevator, but the arrangements of songs and the construction of each song sounds less amateur. Vocals take a back seat on the album overall though. Each song has a slightly different core theme with some songs pushing a large dance-pop sound like on “French Virgin Party.”

I really enjoy how Glen Check has matured as artists with Haute Couture. They bridged their original release while moving forward and presenting an album that is a lot different from other albums and actually creating a sound that is uniquely their own. (This info on

Here are some of there videos:

Glen Check-Bataille + French Virgin Party (together)

Glen Check-Racket

I recommend you listen to these although they are not MV:

Glen Check-Au revoir

Glen Check- 60’s Cardin