Epic Fail…

The Fail Barnstar!

The Fail Barnstar! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life you always have a chance to be gifted with the so called “Beginners Luck”, no matter what you do or when you do it, it’s a one time shot the god bless you to be a winner at something you will do for the first time…and modest or not, but I’ve had the privilege to have a lot off those first winning moments! The truth is that you never really know…it just does! So I usually prefer to say that I’m an amateur when I start playing anything (it’s a lucky charm, trust me it is…) So, this past saturday I went with some friends to play pool (Aleluya!!! I so wanted to play, yeay!!!) little did i know that my playing skills would evolve (Because seriously man, I don’t even know the basic, I just play! you have a problem with that?…Aha I didn’t think so either hahaha) Right so where was I…yeah me being good in something I know little about and being AWESOME! (Sorry I got carried away…hihihi) So, we played by teams of 2 and changed partner every time we played a diferent game (Obviously No Da…) and everything was crystal clear…Until the final game (Suspense sound effects- Psyco movie soundtrack) It’s was ME and the 8 ball…I was facing the 8 ball with intense concentration… my partner was cheering for me in the other end…drops of sweat were pouring down my face…I swallowed and, and, AND!!! I move a tinsy bit the stupid 8 ball and lost my turn…EPIC FAIL!!!! NOOOOO, yes my friends it was EPIC! and I totally failed BIG TIME! but then again…I was and still be an amateur at pool. So I just fell to my knees and said “Why, why me!!!” But the good part is that i was the one who got more balls in the holes…( hell yeah who’s you mama?)

P.S.: Never underestimate a beginner, you’ll never know if he will be very lucky…and don’t me cocky by thinking your a pro, just have fun and enjoy!!! Peace out!!!