Mr. Mr. – Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation new single “Mr. Mr.”, the SNDS are back with the hot and sassy video, enjoy!


Come back home – 2NE1

2Ne1 new single “Come back home”, love the futuristic theme that has the video, enjoy!

MFBTY – Sweet Dream!

I was checking out some mv (music videos) updates and I found a really cool song, with an awesome video of a new group, yet already known singers from the kpop industry, Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae (A.K.A. Tasha) doing a collab with Bizzy, they created this group that means “My fans are better than yours…” (MFBTY) mixing it up a little with a soulful melody and hard beat hip hop in a very unique way if I say so myself…Check out the video below!

K-Indie Comeback!

How to Be Indie

How to Be Indie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there I’ve been into korean indie music for a while now and today I saw some of my favorite groups with their new comeback music videos, so I decided to share these videos with all of you guys, so here they are below:

Clazziquai – Can’t go on my own!

Nell – White night!

Spica “Painkiller”!

Your looking for actitud, good vocal, spice and everything nice…check out this girl korean group their awesome!


2NE1 - To Anyone

Image by 黒沢オティス via Flickr

2ne1‘s Mv’s:

Bom Mv’s:

Dara Mv:

2ne1 & Big Bang