Mr. Mr. – Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation new single “Mr. Mr.”, the SNDS are back with the hot and sassy video, enjoy!


Come back home – 2NE1

2Ne1 new single “Come back home”, love the futuristic theme that has the video, enjoy!

Neon Bunny

This is the first Neon Bunny video that I liked “Oh my prince”.

This music video is from her new album and I totally like the feel to it.

P.S.: I enjoy her style and it’s probably because it has an 80’s style and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Kim Sung Kyu – I need you

I’m really into this song, to me it has a very ballad-indie-kpop feel to it, I know that Kim Sung Kyu (hope his name is correct) is from Infinite, Kpop Idol Group from Woolliment and is the leader, he been doing his solo Album recently (I need you is one of the song in his album), just got out 2 mv’s (Music Videos), he’s been working with Kim Jong-wan(the vocal, guitar, keyboard of Nell) so this is by far my favorite song this year and i hope you enjoy it!

MFBTY – Sweet Dream!

I was checking out some mv (music videos) updates and I found a really cool song, with an awesome video of a new group, yet already known singers from the kpop industry, Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mirae (A.K.A. Tasha) doing a collab with Bizzy, they created this group that means “My fans are better than yours…” (MFBTY) mixing it up a little with a soulful melody and hard beat hip hop in a very unique way if I say so myself…Check out the video below!

K-Indie Comeback!

How to Be Indie

How to Be Indie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there I’ve been into korean indie music for a while now and today I saw some of my favorite groups with their new comeback music videos, so I decided to share these videos with all of you guys, so here they are below:

Clazziquai – Can’t go on my own!

Nell – White night!


B1A4 2

B1A4 2 (Photo credit: Kim Min Ai)

So cute, so adorable. love the videos so check it out!

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