I don’t care…really!


I have been gone for ages and now I’m back with another issue…I consider myself a very patient person, I let go a lot of stuff, forget most of them, let things flow, avoid getting myself get too personal with certain things, try to not make things get complicated, but what I can’t stand is to be patient with people who want to get attention…I don’t mind if you try to draw attention with you’re cleavage and mini skirt, it’s you problem and you can choose to show whatever you want, that doesn’t affect me, you can even take off your shirt and show your six pack (that will definitely won’t affect me at all wink wink ;D, lol), but if you want my help with something and need my advice, don’t try to make me feel stupid when I tell you what to do and when you already screwed up!!!, my question is…WHY DID YOU ASK ME FOR HELP!?, you obviously already decided to make the wrong choice, so don’t make me loose my precious time…Don’t get me wrong, I like to give advice and you have all the right to follow it or do what is best for you, but if you screwed up and want to know if what you did was right or wrong, don’t come and ask me, you will probably know by now that’s it was a really bad choice!

It almost like when you tell a kid to stay away from a dog because he could bite him…but he gets closer and closer and closer and then he comes back for you to heal him, but the next day that kid ask you…Can I see the dog? and you tell him that it’s dangerous to be there but he responds with a: I was there just now…(OMG REALLY!!! You don’t say…)

You guys might ask…what does that have to do with drawing attention…well may I explain…Usually when you text the topics can change depending on who you are texting with right?…Well if you have a friend you always ask about what is he/she doing, what is he/she planning for the weekend, if you happen to recently know the person, you would ask more about he/she, if you work with him/her, you would probably talk about gossip at work or something relative to work (I’m saying this in general, it’s not always that way, so don’t kill me D:). But some people get weird and start thinking that they have full confidence with you and begin texting you personal stuff (Stuff that I don’t really want to know and don’t care much, I am getting to know you, it’s to much info) and not only that…but you get a weird feeling, why is this person getting too personal?, why does he/she wants me to know? if it has nothing to do with me whatsoever…When at first I thought well he/she texted me “Hey how are you doing?”, totally normal opening for a normal conversation, then he/she starts asking for advice when it’s obviously too late, because he/she took a wrong turn of events. The same damn time he/she will text me the same damn thing, I already know what you do and don’t do, because you are so open to say if to me, but you always take my word for granted and you still want more from me, just because I help a friend in need doesn’t mean you can take that as advantage so you can have someone that is caring, it sucks to feel that somebody just needs you for one purpose but doesn’t really care about you, so next time choose what you have to say properly because next…I WON’T CARE…REALLY!

P.S.: Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can NEVER get it back…peace out!


Flirtatious Week!

I didn’t know want to write today, but a friend of mine suggested to write about flirting, how do we react to it, why do we in some way like to feel that others flirt with us, and how can we deal with it.

I guess that flirting is bad in one way and good in another way, it actuallly depends on with who you do it, when your doing it, why they do it to you or what situation are you and the other person. Obviously is really nice that the person that you like or have feelings for him/her, flirts with you from time to time or even always (if you really really like the constant flirting lol), but that’s why it all depends on what you like…because it’s never really good or bad, I guess it is was it is…

I as a girl, woman, young female, like men that flirt with me, because:

1. I feel notice.

2. I have a guys attention.

3. I feel beautiful.

4. I don’t look strange.

5. Someone appreciates my appearance.

Although this may seem nice to me, it’s also makes me feel awkward if the flirting is from:

1. An older guy (way old).

2. Not so attractive person (don’t judge me please).

3. Someone a don’t know.

Does it affect to everyone in the same way? probably not, but it’s never certain that flirting is totally bad or something that is approving…

P.S.: Everybody has their on likes or taste and you are not to judge…peace out!

Panama Eats


For all my followers that are interested in food and tropical places…I will be blogging about my lovely country (Panama), I will do my best to show you around and get to now better my exotic homeland in a more tasty way (wink wink. yummy)…Coming soon and peace out!

Spammers! (Beware)

Son basic stuff I think about people how spam and how to deal with them…


Being special…

I will start explaining that this post is a little about everything that’s been going on with me lately (guys don’t take it personal) with guys, online issues and love…this is a matter of people in general that finds love online or thinks they found love (I go the old ways when it comes to love, but who I’m I to judge…). Before a get further into my opinion about this topic, i will like to say that I’m not against it, I just don’t approve it 100% and it’s why I don’t find it acceptable, but then again love can be anywhere.

3 basic things you need to consider when you find someone special online:

1. Even if you see the person (video chat) you can’t be 100% sure who he/she really is, you don’t know what he does daily or how he/she is around others.

2. Online anybody can act like anybody, you need time to realize if someone is fake or not, you can’t just say for a fact that everything is authentic.

3. I relationship can’t be based only from behind a computer screen, if it’s really something special I has to grow into something real not virtual.

Now that I have said all of that, I want to jump to another issue I have learn this past week…I realize something so simple yet I couldn’t notice before in my other relationships… “You can’t expect that your special to someone if that someone doesn’t treat you special”, you can all say “oh no duh”, but thinking about it makes you wonder, how many times you consider you couple as the special one and at the end you end up a crappy relationship, because deep down you where never special to him/her, you were problably someone he/she wanted at the time and now he/she feels something else entirely, I can say that this generation has made something so special (love) in something so shallow, it’s all about today I love you, tomorrow I have you, but we don’t get it, nowadays we don’t get the chance to know one another, we don’t relate that much anymore, we put meaning to words and believe those words are the ultimate truth, yeah yeah I know, I’m being serious all of the sudden, I wouldn’t mind having a little romance in the mix, not that I’m saying romance will change anything, just try to make love actually mean something more than a one night stand, more than I will give you anything you want jus ask…

P.S.: Treat people the some way you want to me treated, peace out!

What goes around, comes around!


Booby-Trap (Photo credit: Rex Morache)

Lately I’ve been very absent (sorry guys), but even though this topic wasn’t meant to be mention, because maybe I will get in trouble or someone will be hurt, I have to try out how to get the message somehow (secrets are secrets for a reason, but if that reason makes others don’t the the truth behind all the lies, it’s worth the risk to say it)

Ass always, I won’t say no names, this probably be a more serious post than what I just to write (warning real deal stuff coming up), I’ll probable won’t get specific (don’t want to be to obvious either) and most of it is basic common sense things that I think you have to know before you date someone.

The story behind it is base on a friend of mine…I will call that friend G. Our G knew someone recently, he knew that person was in a relationship before, that person called B told my friend almost everything about her ex (almost everything…). They got closer day by day and started to notice that they had a lot of thing in common and began to like each other. Now they really can’t see each other that much, they live far away and the manage to make up for that distance. G had never been in love, but B has been in love before (it seems so…), although G has been in relationships but never meaningful. Now you may wonder, what is so wrong with this picture? They seem ok, or do they? What’s the big fuss?

I will answer what bothers me with this simple things:

  1. There is nothing wrong to have a little info about the previous relationships that your current boyfriend or girlfriend had in the past. I know that most of us find it not neccesary  because you feel that it’s wrong feeling that you don’t trust them or don’t care too much because you don’t want to show your jealous. But you never know if what ended the previous relationship was you new boyfriends or girlfriends fault (even if he or she would blame anyways the other person).
  2. Sometimes depending of how many relationships some has, may give you the doubt that probably that person has relation issues, I’m not saying that is 100%, because its not, but you have to be careful.
  3. You never get to really know someone if you don’t see that person, it will only give you more doubts, insecurity and you can’t really know what the other person is really doing. The more the distance, the more difficult your relationship will be to stay together and I know there are couples who manage very well to stay together but it’s most unlikely to deal when you don’t even know each other in person.
  4. I’ve learned that there is always 3 versions in a story, not 1, not 2, but 3. There is his version, her version and the truth and it’s hard to know when you don’t get to see the whole picture.
  5. Love can only be developed daily, little by little and showing to the other person your real you, that the you that you want him or her to like, you learn to love someone with their virtudes and faults all together, because that is really accepting someone.

What I’m trying to say is that I know the truth behind the relationship between G and B. I know that G feels totally infatuated with B. I know that B is not totally honest with G. I can tell what kind of manipulative person is B towards G. I have prove that B feelings don’t last unless the other person is willing to give his all. I’ve been said that B has relationship issues that has developed over past complex problems, that is why B has the need to feel the attention of others. The only thing that is stopping me from being direct about this is that I don’t want to get involved in a relationship that I wasn’t invited to give my opinion or concern, I believe that when someone is so blind about something, you can tell that person anything but she won’t buy it, because the person is so stubborn about it, he or she will argue to infinity and beyond…Also some people need to learn stuff the hard way for them to open the eyes and see the light in order to understand life and avoid making other people that care for them have a hard time.

P.S.: I believe that love conquers all, but you never should use the name of love to conquer others, peace out!

Tales of a Girl Gamer

2007 Taipei IT Month: Members from Hey Girl at...

2007 Taipei IT Month: Members from Hey Girl at booth of Chinese Gamer International Corp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I’ve decided to enter to a place unknown by some or rarely have a clue about what girls think about being in the gaming world…

From the start I’ll worn you that I don’t identify myselgf as a gamer, coz I really don’t play that much, but I can be sure that I’m good at what a play…WELL THEN LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE

All gamers know for a fact that we lovely ladies are now getting into the gaming fandom, we have left our little dolls for joysticks…In my childhood years I would play Nintendo (remember guys? Mario Bros), but I was not into it 24/7. Now I’ve been more attached toplaying only  (If you can say it that way…) and for me it quite interesting and entertaining, so I will tell you all what it was for me from start to finish.

Adventures of a Girl Gamer, 1, 2, 3, Action:

  • At first a wanted to get more in touch with my boyfriend and started to find games online to play with him, so that way we I could share something that he love with him…(Although he never did believe me…) So as I started looking for games for mac (yeah I have a mac, damn) I came across with Spiral Knights, it was nice to see that it reminded me of my childhood games and its so darn cute *o*.
  • As I got familiar with it (Oh hell no I ain’t using no WASD, I will stick to the mouse settings muahahaha), I got to know the community, made new friends, got invited to a guild, all was nice and calm.
  • I played with so many guys, some of them helped me a lot. some of them when they knew I was a girl totally trolled me a lot and others were suprised.
  • As son as I got better and wasn’t called a NOOB, some of the nice guys I used o played with would invite me to some missions, others would think I was a guy or gay how how girly I looked, others would come at me and ask many question to get to know me and others thought that I was trying to get some free stuff saying that I was a girl (Not that I didn’t take avantage from time to time, but I’m really not that sneaky).
  • It came to a time where anywhere I would go in the game I would be noticed, everyone would say hi and even try to my ciber boyfriends, some 13-17 year old kids would swag there way to my heart (So they thought) and I in some point would walk away from all of it, really I’m way older to be interested in kids (Give me a break, god!)
  • I turn back the clock and I saw myself minding my own bussiness, being alone with my persona and now I’ve become the most popular girl in the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I like all the attention and it’s cool to me notice, but really sometime it’s just way too much, If only I would have said from the beginning that I was  guy and not a girl, it would have probably be less tiring trying to decide with what guys to play…It’s just crazy, but I have my methods and technics. It doesn’t surprise me now that at any momento some random guy would tell me:

  1. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a boyfriend in the game. Be my girlfriend…
  2. I’m a minor, but can you wait for me till I’m older…
  3. I will fly to your country to meet you right now.
  4. Why are you playing with him?
  5. I like you, I love you, I want you, be with me…

Etc, etc…and the list goes on, but in reality, in the end we girls have such much to gain tan to lose, but its still bothersome sometimes.

P.S.: Gamers, guys, chillax, take it slow, not all the girls with dig the intensity of your ways, we girls just wanna have fun! Peace out!


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