I don’t care…really!


I have been gone for ages and now I’m back with another issue…I consider myself a very patient person, I let go a lot of stuff, forget most of them, let things flow, avoid getting myself get too personal with certain things, try to not make things get complicated, but what I can’t stand is to be patient with people who want to get attention…I don’t mind if you try to draw attention with you’re cleavage and mini skirt, it’s you problem and you can choose to show whatever you want, that doesn’t affect me, you can even take off your shirt and show your six pack (that will definitely won’t affect me at all wink wink ;D, lol), but if you want my help with something and need my advice, don’t try to make me feel stupid when I tell you what to do and when you already screwed up!!!, my question is…WHY DID YOU ASK ME FOR HELP!?, you obviously already decided to make the wrong choice, so don’t make me loose my precious time…Don’t get me wrong, I like to give advice and you have all the right to follow it or do what is best for you, but if you screwed up and want to know if what you did was right or wrong, don’t come and ask me, you will probably know by now that’s it was a really bad choice!

It almost like when you tell a kid to stay away from a dog because he could bite him…but he gets closer and closer and closer and then he comes back for you to heal him, but the next day that kid ask you…Can I see the dog? and you tell him that it’s dangerous to be there but he responds with a: I was there just now…(OMG REALLY!!! You don’t say…)

You guys might ask…what does that have to do with drawing attention…well may I explain…Usually when you text the topics can change depending on who you are texting with right?…Well if you have a friend you always ask about what is he/she doing, what is he/she planning for the weekend, if you happen to recently know the person, you would ask more about he/she, if you work with him/her, you would probably talk about gossip at work or something relative to work (I’m saying this in general, it’s not always that way, so don’t kill me D:). But some people get weird and start thinking that they have full confidence with you and begin texting you personal stuff (Stuff that I don’t really want to know and don’t care much, I am getting to know you, it’s to much info) and not only that…but you get a weird feeling, why is this person getting too personal?, why does he/she wants me to know? if it has nothing to do with me whatsoever…When at first I thought well he/she texted me “Hey how are you doing?”, totally normal opening for a normal conversation, then he/she starts asking for advice when it’s obviously too late, because he/she took a wrong turn of events. The same damn time he/she will text me the same damn thing, I already know what you do and don’t do, because you are so open to say if to me, but you always take my word for granted and you still want more from me, just because I help a friend in need doesn’t mean you can take that as advantage so you can have someone that is caring, it sucks to feel that somebody just needs you for one purpose but doesn’t really care about you, so next time choose what you have to say properly because next…I WON’T CARE…REALLY!

P.S.: Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can NEVER get it back…peace out!


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