Love at first “site”


I’m focusing this post in the non-conventional way of finding love…people that search online to find true love…
At first I thought that it’s probably not a good idea to find love online, because you have all these issues that you have to put you mind into, because bottom line people…is god damn dangerous.
I won’t deny that people get to know their soul mates on the internet, because some miracles do happen, but don’t think that you are the lucky sucker that will get prince charming or your damsel in distress…it’s doesn’t always work in your favor.
I have been meeting people online since I began to go full gamer and trust me is not very pleasant to have guys confessing there love and then treating you like…(dogs poop).
I can’t say that I’m the most beautiful girl out there, but I can’t say I’m ugly (I’m quite confident about that), so basically if I go public with my image I have to take all the consequences that come with it.
This is what happens when I put a good photo of myself:
1. Guys start accepting me as a friend, text me or try to get to know me.
2. I get to meet all kinds of people, even creeps and pervs.
3. Some guys can’t handle me just wanting to be their friends so I can receive insults along the way.

Although everything is not exactly perfect, I can’t say I haven’t enjoyed myself meeting interesting people, I can get to be a part of a new community, share commun interest with others, help and advise someone in need, it’s all a part of a whole new experience that makes you grow and a you learn from others also.

P.S.: I believe that everything happens for a reason and you should learn from it not matter how bad it turns out…and btw I’m beginning to feel that true love can be anywhere 🙂 peace out!!!


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