Flirtatious Week!

I didn’t know want to write today, but a friend of mine suggested to write about flirting, how do we react to it, why do we in some way like to feel that others flirt with us, and how can we deal with it.

I guess that flirting is bad in one way and good in another way, it actuallly depends on with who you do it, when your doing it, why they do it to you or what situation are you and the other person. Obviously is really nice that the person that you like or have feelings for him/her, flirts with you from time to time or even always (if you really really like the constant flirting lol), but that’s why it all depends on what you like…because it’s never really good or bad, I guess it is was it is…

I as a girl, woman, young female, like men that flirt with me, because:

1. I feel notice.

2. I have a guys attention.

3. I feel beautiful.

4. I don’t look strange.

5. Someone appreciates my appearance.

Although this may seem nice to me, it’s also makes me feel awkward if the flirting is from:

1. An older guy (way old).

2. Not so attractive person (don’t judge me please).

3. Someone a don’t know.

Does it affect to everyone in the same way? probably not, but it’s never certain that flirting is totally bad or something that is approving…

P.S.: Everybody has their on likes or taste and you are not to judge…peace out!


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