Being special…

I will start explaining that this post is a little about everything that’s been going on with me lately (guys don’t take it personal) with guys, online issues and love…this is a matter of people in general that finds love online or thinks they found love (I go the old ways when it comes to love, but who I’m I to judge…). Before a get further into my opinion about this topic, i will like to say that I’m not against it, I just don’t approve it 100% and it’s why I don’t find it acceptable, but then again love can be anywhere.

3 basic things you need to consider when you find someone special online:

1. Even if you see the person (video chat) you can’t be 100% sure who he/she really is, you don’t know what he does daily or how he/she is around others.

2. Online anybody can act like anybody, you need time to realize if someone is fake or not, you can’t just say for a fact that everything is authentic.

3. I relationship can’t be based only from behind a computer screen, if it’s really something special I has to grow into something real not virtual.

Now that I have said all of that, I want to jump to another issue I have learn this past week…I realize something so simple yet I couldn’t notice before in my other relationships… “You can’t expect that your special to someone if that someone doesn’t treat you special”, you can all say “oh no duh”, but thinking about it makes you wonder, how many times you consider you couple as the special one and at the end you end up a crappy relationship, because deep down you where never special to him/her, you were problably someone he/she wanted at the time and now he/she feels something else entirely, I can say that this generation has made something so special (love) in something so shallow, it’s all about today I love you, tomorrow I have you, but we don’t get it, nowadays we don’t get the chance to know one another, we don’t relate that much anymore, we put meaning to words and believe those words are the ultimate truth, yeah yeah I know, I’m being serious all of the sudden, I wouldn’t mind having a little romance in the mix, not that I’m saying romance will change anything, just try to make love actually mean something more than a one night stand, more than I will give you anything you want jus ask…

P.S.: Treat people the some way you want to me treated, peace out!


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