What goes around, comes around!


Booby-Trap (Photo credit: Rex Morache)

Lately I’ve been very absent (sorry guys), but even though this topic wasn’t meant to be mention, because maybe I will get in trouble or someone will be hurt, I have to try out how to get the message somehow (secrets are secrets for a reason, but if that reason makes others don’t the the truth behind all the lies, it’s worth the risk to say it)

Ass always, I won’t say no names, this probably be a more serious post than what I just to write (warning real deal stuff coming up), I’ll probable won’t get specific (don’t want to be to obvious either) and most of it is basic common sense things that I think you have to know before you date someone.

The story behind it is base on a friend of mine…I will call that friend G. Our G knew someone recently, he knew that person was in a relationship before, that person called B told my friend almost everything about her ex (almost everything…). They got closer day by day and started to notice that they had a lot of thing in common and began to like each other. Now they really can’t see each other that much, they live far away and the manage to make up for that distance. G had never been in love, but B has been in love before (it seems so…), although G has been in relationships but never meaningful. Now you may wonder, what is so wrong with this picture? They seem ok, or do they? What’s the big fuss?

I will answer what bothers me with this simple things:

  1. There is nothing wrong to have a little info about the previous relationships that your current boyfriend or girlfriend had in the past. I know that most of us find it not neccesary  because you feel that it’s wrong feeling that you don’t trust them or don’t care too much because you don’t want to show your jealous. But you never know if what ended the previous relationship was you new boyfriends or girlfriends fault (even if he or she would blame anyways the other person).
  2. Sometimes depending of how many relationships some has, may give you the doubt that probably that person has relation issues, I’m not saying that is 100%, because its not, but you have to be careful.
  3. You never get to really know someone if you don’t see that person, it will only give you more doubts, insecurity and you can’t really know what the other person is really doing. The more the distance, the more difficult your relationship will be to stay together and I know there are couples who manage very well to stay together but it’s most unlikely to deal when you don’t even know each other in person.
  4. I’ve learned that there is always 3 versions in a story, not 1, not 2, but 3. There is his version, her version and the truth and it’s hard to know when you don’t get to see the whole picture.
  5. Love can only be developed daily, little by little and showing to the other person your real you, that the you that you want him or her to like, you learn to love someone with their virtudes and faults all together, because that is really accepting someone.

What I’m trying to say is that I know the truth behind the relationship between G and B. I know that G feels totally infatuated with B. I know that B is not totally honest with G. I can tell what kind of manipulative person is B towards G. I have prove that B feelings don’t last unless the other person is willing to give his all. I’ve been said that B has relationship issues that has developed over past complex problems, that is why B has the need to feel the attention of others. The only thing that is stopping me from being direct about this is that I don’t want to get involved in a relationship that I wasn’t invited to give my opinion or concern, I believe that when someone is so blind about something, you can tell that person anything but she won’t buy it, because the person is so stubborn about it, he or she will argue to infinity and beyond…Also some people need to learn stuff the hard way for them to open the eyes and see the light in order to understand life and avoid making other people that care for them have a hard time.

P.S.: I believe that love conquers all, but you never should use the name of love to conquer others, peace out!


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