The Noob Factor…

English: The Logo of the serie Noob Français :...

English: The Logo of the serie Noob Français : Le Logo de la série Noob (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all…Sorry to all my follower for not posting in a really really reaallyyyy long time! T_T

Most fo you guys can tell this is a post were a write about my point of view about the word “NOOB“, some people hate it, some people enjoy saying it and others don’t give a %$·%…

The main thing is I never actually knew where or when this word come out to the world, just recently I discovered a WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH…(Aladdin’s song), ok ok I’ll get to the point…I don’t know if you guys know, but I started to get much more closer to my gamer side…(If you know what I mean?, WAIT there is nothing wrong with that, “cough-cough” anyway…) and well I’m getting to notice that the word noob is just don’t make sense sometimes:

These are my top 5 explaining why “Noob” is just plain whack!:

  1. Just because you are beginning to learn a game online doesn’t mean your noob, really? even if you are a pro gamer en other games, you just don’t know a bloody hell what’s going on in a new game…
  2. Some people find saying noob offensive, I believe it is, because of what it really means. Others started to categorized by dividing it in “noob” and “noobster”, the first one being barely bad and the last one is when your the worst. In the end your just saying the same damn thing (you know you are!)
  3. If being noob is being bad at games, then why do the worst players around call you noob when you the one kicking their butts…once again the word becomes an insult for those who don’t have imagination or nothing to say…
  4. As I was investigating some definitions of the word “noob” was so ridiculously out of order that made me doubt the whole purpose of gaming…They actually say and I quote “Noobs are pros that don’t give a $·%” about the game, so they use strange names and make other do everything for them…” WTF! Holy lord, What is this sorcery?! O.O After all these years and I thought everybody wanted to win at everything…I was wrong!
  5. And last but not least, as you all know you start to not care about it and just go with it, because after all it simply doesn’t make sense, so why care about it, right?

    *So if you want to comment on the post, tell me what you think about “noobs”

    P.S.: Just don’t take it too serious, have fun and play whatever you like, the is always a first for everybody! Peace OUT!


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