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From GNOME version of Nuvola. May be included ...

From GNOME version of Nuvola. May be included in the PNG version under Nuvola/apps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently my boyfriend beens teasing me about not being able to play online because I have a mac and not a decent pc to do so, but I did some research and found out that maybe there is more online games for pc, but there is some for mac as well and I notice one very nice, cute and fun called Spiral Knights. At first I was no confident playing, because first its my first time, second it has been ages since I’ve played any games or video games (ok, just Facebook games lol) and third…I guess there is no third, moving on…

All this gaming online brought me back to my childhood video games like nintendo, super nintendo, sega…Those wonderful times were I would stay all day trying to figure out where the hell should I find a way out, how to kill the damn boss and do it all over again because I failed 3 times (ahhhh die die die you little excuse of monster!) But I never really played online (My computer sucked) so now that my gamer boyfriend wanted to have a chance and play with me and teach me, I decided to go my own way (Lets a go! *mario impression*), explore my options and see if I really do like it or not …

Spiral Knights has got my attention, is practically easy to play, manageable  controls, nice graphics, cute animations, pretty landscapes and a cool community. I told my boyfriend to join me online (he did, yeay!) and even though I don’t have much of experience, I’ve pass him (because he’s on a trip, buahahahaha), now I’ve leveling up, earning some coins and passing missions. I’m so excited (almost like a little kid with a brand new toy, lol) and I hope I keep on playing more and more, because is fun and it makes me relax a little.

P.S.: Try knew stuff every now and then, you never know if you get to discover something new that you like and share with others to be a part of you happiness!  Peace Out!

*If somebody know of any other games for mac, let me know with a comment and thanks!*


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