Do not disturb!

English: Common Do not disturb sign of a hotel

English: Common Do not disturb sign of a hotel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it that when your in the zone, so into your stuff or whatever your doing at the moment, when you get full focus of what pleases you and then suddenly someone burst you little bubble of content, of freedom, of your time doing what you like…

It seems to me that sometimes when you are happy some cosmic force just wants you to lower the levels so you can stick to the idea that life is harsh…(I already know that, stop picking on me already, I want to have my moment of peace and happiness!) I know that there are good times and bad times, but when I have MY MOMENT, please GOD! Its sacred!

I have many hobbies, I like to sing, dance, listen to music, watch dramas, anime and manga also even when I’m working on something…So if you come close to even ruin my time with all those things that I just mention, I will not hit, iI will not kill you, but you will feel my wrath! (I will probably just whine s little, but then again I get cranky). If its something important a don’t mind living what I’m doing to see what the problems is, but don’t say its urgent when its not and then I had to put everything on hold to see I squirrel getting on a tree…(For all you squirrel lovers, I think they’re cute, so please don’t think I hate them) The thing is don’t make me lose my time when I’m busy.

Above all the people I’ve known, my mom is the master mind of operation S.W.Y.D. (Stop what your doing) and pay attention to what she has to say, she has like a special radar to detect every single thing that I’m doing, catches me of guard, seems to think that I losing my precious time (When I’m not!) and tries to find some kind of random chore to help her out…right now I’m blogging and she is looking at me…no not really, but you never know…

P.S.: Make some time for yourself, value good times and learn from bad times! Peace out!


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  1. animemangacosplaygirl
    Mar 29, 2013 @ 08:43:30

    Thanks for the track back~



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