Party in Barcelona

Party in Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s my mom’s birthday and I started thinking about the parties, the people that you invite, all the stuff you have to buy, etc, etc, etc…But what i was really focused was on the people that come to your party…

You see from the very beginning they’re are 3 basic categories when it comes to invites: The must have to go, The ones you wanna, The one you don’t but come…

The must: Any relative-family depending on you age that most go to your party, your truly best friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend if you have one.

The wanna’s: The people you hang out although there not you best friends but are cool and they’re still close to you, co-workers, crush.

The don’ts: these people maybe the girlfriends/boyfriends of your friends, some random person that you don’t know, a friend of a friend.

They are probably more but I stick to what I know, don’t get me wrong is not that I hate the boyfriends or girlfriends of my friends, is just that they are not always sociable when you don’t know them, so it’s kind of awkward to know somebody for the first time in your party and above all your birthday, It all depends it’s not always that way anyways (just saying). The part that bugs me is, knowing that you are my friend and I invite you, why do you have the need to invite someone else (a friend), I get it if you don’t know the rest of the people, that’s way you don’t feel so uncomfortable, but if that is the case, ask if its ok (Is it so hard to ask?), in the end they’ll probably say yes, but really some people just have the nerve of getting all their friends a free pass to every party…And the last but not least…the random dude or chick that don’t even know your name, that comes all cocky and excited to your party, makes the best of it all and may or may not respect you house (they usually are the one’s that crash it or the ones that do pervy little things…Yeah you know what I mean, you there, Hell yeah YOU!, don’t you think I don’t know, I see movies mister!)

Ok the food…when I have a party, I pay for all the food and drinks, after all I’m inviting you to my party, is not that I’m against of those that bring something to help me up, it’s just natural to offer whatever you have to your guest, only if I see that i can’t manage to have everything is when i just invite my really closest friends and the cooperate with me somehow, but is everyone helping out, not just these 2 and rest don’t put even a penny. So, when it comes to parties that are made collectively you help equally to make it happen…

P.S.: Ask, ask, ask, equal rights, yeay party, fun, fun, fun, get the hell out random person you!, that’s my lesson for today! PEACE OUT! (BTW april 14th is my birthday)


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