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MSI laptop computer

MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hellooo, it’s me like always, but with a little twist this time, coz I sometimes put awkward, drama that happens to me daily…well this time, or today to be exact, was I really great day. I just got some videos to put sub on, If you guys didn’t know I’m all in video production, but I really love the editing part, so even though is not a big deal and even if i was not being paid that much, its cool.

The only real deal was is that at the moment I didn’t have a proper editing software to work on the videos, so I asked my best friend for a hand, or 2, or her computer, or her…(Ok you get the point), she was so kind to let me borrow her laptop and work on the videos there with a editing software trial (which she kindly downloaded on her computer, you go girl!). The thing is that she uses her laptop a lot and she had some work to do, but today she had to work part time and meanwhile I could use her laptop since she didn’t need it…

So it was me and the videos, in a cafeteria near her office and btw what a beautiful scenery, because it had big windows so you can see all the trees and nature from outside with a warm morning light from the sun (the sun not trying to burn your eyes to death, it was very soft and subtle. I definitely sat looking outside and began to work. No stress, no anxiety, all calm and at peace. By the time from friend got off of work I had almost everything finished and I felt awesome. So today i actually felt that what I do, I do it because i love doing it and I wouldn’t change it for the world, editing is my thing, my world, my way of creating what I love.

P.S.: For all of you out there that are thinking of have a career because of money, parents, social pressure or anything else rather than doing what you love and because of that your good, then you are making a big mistake, because money can’t pay happiness…Peace Out!


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  1. jumbledwriter
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 05:26:18

    You are definitely right. Money and happiness can co-exist, but one does not make the other.



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