MLP Obsession…

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog…but then again, I’m back and better than ever, this time I will be focusing on my late obsession, that really got me all confused and shocked.

But first…I will start with what got me to that point…I’ve been noticing some kind of commotion around a certain cartoon, that not only has is gain success again, but is adored by a weird group of people. As you all can see the title “MLP” that stands for “My little pony”, yeah that’s right, I’m been watching My little pony: Friendship is magic…(the shame, the agony, the mind blowing caos, ok its not that bad lol)

The thing is at first is was just me trying to find out what is so darn damn good about the animated series of My little pony: Friendship is magic, not that I don’t know nothing about my little pony, coz hey I was a big fan back in the day when it first aired, so I do know a few or two of the ponyhood, yet it has been so many years and i know for a fact that the 2010 version has a pretty big fan base, but then again i just notice that the fans are not only girls of a certain age, but guys of all kinds of generations, the so called BRONY’s or BRONIES (correct me if I’m wrong…), so this bronies grab my attention and I immediately started to search for some answer (I was on a mission, a quest of the bronieship) Obviously I know more and more about the topic (i even saw a documentary about it, uuuhhh aahhh) and then I just wanted to know one more thing…If guys like the cartoon, why do they? is it really that good to watch? will I get all obsess over it if I start to watch it myself or what crazy voodoo will happen to me…

I wanted to test my hypothesis about the matter and started watching some random episode and at first it was one of the season 3 and before you know it I was literally watching the whole season and to top that…I wanted to start from the first season and finish the second season. All of that in approximately 2 weeks, just watching non-stop, so I then realize it is addictive and catchy. It’s really about the whole package of the series, good plot, good animation, you identifying with the characters, so I have to say that i became I fan, i will confess that at first a didn’t believe it and was a little embarrass about it, but well I like it, it doesn’t mean that I love it forever and ever and ever…

P.S.: The answers to your questions are always out there, when you finally find them any reaction to it is something new that adds to your life experience , Peace out!


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