Do not disturb!

English: Common Do not disturb sign of a hotel

English: Common Do not disturb sign of a hotel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why is it that when your in the zone, so into your stuff or whatever your doing at the moment, when you get full focus of what pleases you and then suddenly someone burst you little bubble of content, of freedom, of your time doing what you like…

It seems to me that sometimes when you are happy some cosmic force just wants you to lower the levels so you can stick to the idea that life is harsh…(I already know that, stop picking on me already, I want to have my moment of peace and happiness!) I know that there are good times and bad times, but when I have MY MOMENT, please GOD! Its sacred!

I have many hobbies, I like to sing, dance, listen to music, watch dramas, anime and manga also even when I’m working on something…So if you come close to even ruin my time with all those things that I just mention, I will not hit, iI will not kill you, but you will feel my wrath! (I will probably just whine s little, but then again I get cranky). If its something important a don’t mind living what I’m doing to see what the problems is, but don’t say its urgent when its not and then I had to put everything on hold to see I squirrel getting on a tree…(For all you squirrel lovers, I think they’re cute, so please don’t think I hate them) The thing is don’t make me lose my time when I’m busy.

Above all the people I’ve known, my mom is the master mind of operation S.W.Y.D. (Stop what your doing) and pay attention to what she has to say, she has like a special radar to detect every single thing that I’m doing, catches me of guard, seems to think that I losing my precious time (When I’m not!) and tries to find some kind of random chore to help her out…right now I’m blogging and she is looking at me…no not really, but you never know…

P.S.: Make some time for yourself, value good times and learn from bad times! Peace out!


Let me be your friend…


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

This topic is about mainly Facebook…I’ve notice when it comes to accepting someones “Friend Request” somehow it get a little dramatic or creepy…Now, I know this from experience, it has happen to me before and depending of what you do it may differ en some ways…

The normal way is that you search for a friend, relative or someone, you send a request and they see it and accept you back, Bingo, no big deal. Now, the tricky part is the time you take to search for that certain someone or the time that certain someone accept you back (yeah yeah and the drama builds up full speed). Some normal person would think, maybe she’s/he’s not online Facebook recently, maybe she’s/he’s sick, maybe someone hack her/his Facebook account and can’t go in…there are so many things that can happen or he/she just forgot it, anyhow…Some always think that he/she don’t wanna be my friend boohooo (come on!, well…that can happen too) But why in the world get all serious about it, when in general you know for a fact that people are not on Facebook 24/7 (Or are they?…)

My second point is when it come to being friends with the opposite sex…if you guys are friends it’s cool, if you guys have mutual friends in common is good, but if you don’t know each other, or the girl/guy is into you or he/she is stalking you…I understand that if you really haven’t seen the person, or know for a fact that he’s probably an Alien from God know where, then is very suspicious, but if you have a friend that knows he/she is not a weirdo, then why be all jerk about it, at least say hi, you never know it could be the love of your life or a very dear friend and your just being a pussy about it.

The third issue is family, good when you put family in the combo you better watch what you write or just don’t give a pice of your mind…

P.S.: Embrace your friend status, be sociable, be open but safe! Peace out!

Flower Boy Next Door

A heart warming story about a introverted girl that only wants to be alone and I extroverted boy who wants genuine people to care for him…the both meet in a unexpected ways, but together that face reality.

  • Park Shin-hye as Go Dok-mi. A modern Rapunzel, she has locked herself up in her “tower” to hide from the world.
  • Yoon Shi-yoon as Enrique Geum. A genius who developed a wildly successful video game at 17, he is fun-loving, talkative, bohemian and can’t get enough of soccer.
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Oh Jin-rak. A rookie webtoon artist, he is attractive despite his difficult and stubborn personality. He is in love with Dok-mi.
  • Go Kyung-pyo as Oh Dong-hoon. He is Jin-rak’s roommate and drawing partner who freeloads off him, and is known around the neighborhood for his chic looks and wiles.
  • Park Soo-jin as Cha Do-hwi, a businesswoman who runs a shopping mall. She projects an elegant, easygoing image, but her friendliness doesn’t extend to Dok-mi, whom she bullied in high school. She falls in love with Jin-rak and tries to win his heart.
  • Kim Yoon-hye as Yoon Seo-young, Enrique’s best friend and first love. She is a free spirit who throws herself wholeheartedly after something she wants.
  • Kim Jung-san as Han Tae-joon, Enrique’s older cousin. He has a complicated relationship with Seo-young, and is liked from afar by Dok-mi.
  • Mizuta Kouki as Watanabe Ryu, the new Japanese neighbor who came to Korea to learn the cuisine.
  • Kim Seul-gie as Kim Seul-gi, Jin-rak and Dong-hoon’s webtoon editor and the deputy manager of the Contents Development team.
  • Lee Jong-hyuk as fortuneteller (cameo, ep 1).


    Park Se-young as new artist who’s similar to Dok-mi (cameo, ep 16).





Kim Sung Kyu – I need you

I’m really into this song, to me it has a very ballad-indie-kpop feel to it, I know that Kim Sung Kyu (hope his name is correct) is from Infinite, Kpop Idol Group from Woolliment and is the leader, he been doing his solo Album recently (I need you is one of the song in his album), just got out 2 mv’s (Music Videos), he’s been working with Kim Jong-wan(the vocal, guitar, keyboard of Nell) so this is by far my favorite song this year and i hope you enjoy it!


Party in Barcelona

Party in Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s my mom’s birthday and I started thinking about the parties, the people that you invite, all the stuff you have to buy, etc, etc, etc…But what i was really focused was on the people that come to your party…

You see from the very beginning they’re are 3 basic categories when it comes to invites: The must have to go, The ones you wanna, The one you don’t but come…

The must: Any relative-family depending on you age that most go to your party, your truly best friends and your boyfriend/girlfriend if you have one.

The wanna’s: The people you hang out although there not you best friends but are cool and they’re still close to you, co-workers, crush.

The don’ts: these people maybe the girlfriends/boyfriends of your friends, some random person that you don’t know, a friend of a friend.

They are probably more but I stick to what I know, don’t get me wrong is not that I hate the boyfriends or girlfriends of my friends, is just that they are not always sociable when you don’t know them, so it’s kind of awkward to know somebody for the first time in your party and above all your birthday, It all depends it’s not always that way anyways (just saying). The part that bugs me is, knowing that you are my friend and I invite you, why do you have the need to invite someone else (a friend), I get it if you don’t know the rest of the people, that’s way you don’t feel so uncomfortable, but if that is the case, ask if its ok (Is it so hard to ask?), in the end they’ll probably say yes, but really some people just have the nerve of getting all their friends a free pass to every party…And the last but not least…the random dude or chick that don’t even know your name, that comes all cocky and excited to your party, makes the best of it all and may or may not respect you house (they usually are the one’s that crash it or the ones that do pervy little things…Yeah you know what I mean, you there, Hell yeah YOU!, don’t you think I don’t know, I see movies mister!)

Ok the food…when I have a party, I pay for all the food and drinks, after all I’m inviting you to my party, is not that I’m against of those that bring something to help me up, it’s just natural to offer whatever you have to your guest, only if I see that i can’t manage to have everything is when i just invite my really closest friends and the cooperate with me somehow, but is everyone helping out, not just these 2 and rest don’t put even a penny. So, when it comes to parties that are made collectively you help equally to make it happen…

P.S.: Ask, ask, ask, equal rights, yeay party, fun, fun, fun, get the hell out random person you!, that’s my lesson for today! PEACE OUT! (BTW april 14th is my birthday)

Positive Vibes!

MSI laptop computer

MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hellooo, it’s me like always, but with a little twist this time, coz I sometimes put awkward, drama that happens to me daily…well this time, or today to be exact, was I really great day. I just got some videos to put sub on, If you guys didn’t know I’m all in video production, but I really love the editing part, so even though is not a big deal and even if i was not being paid that much, its cool.

The only real deal was is that at the moment I didn’t have a proper editing software to work on the videos, so I asked my best friend for a hand, or 2, or her computer, or her…(Ok you get the point), she was so kind to let me borrow her laptop and work on the videos there with a editing software trial (which she kindly downloaded on her computer, you go girl!). The thing is that she uses her laptop a lot and she had some work to do, but today she had to work part time and meanwhile I could use her laptop since she didn’t need it…

So it was me and the videos, in a cafeteria near her office and btw what a beautiful scenery, because it had big windows so you can see all the trees and nature from outside with a warm morning light from the sun (the sun not trying to burn your eyes to death, it was very soft and subtle. I definitely sat looking outside and began to work. No stress, no anxiety, all calm and at peace. By the time from friend got off of work I had almost everything finished and I felt awesome. So today i actually felt that what I do, I do it because i love doing it and I wouldn’t change it for the world, editing is my thing, my world, my way of creating what I love.

P.S.: For all of you out there that are thinking of have a career because of money, parents, social pressure or anything else rather than doing what you love and because of that your good, then you are making a big mistake, because money can’t pay happiness…Peace Out!

MLP Obsession…

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog…but then again, I’m back and better than ever, this time I will be focusing on my late obsession, that really got me all confused and shocked.

But first…I will start with what got me to that point…I’ve been noticing some kind of commotion around a certain cartoon, that not only has is gain success again, but is adored by a weird group of people. As you all can see the title “MLP” that stands for “My little pony”, yeah that’s right, I’m been watching My little pony: Friendship is magic…(the shame, the agony, the mind blowing caos, ok its not that bad lol)

The thing is at first is was just me trying to find out what is so darn damn good about the animated series of My little pony: Friendship is magic, not that I don’t know nothing about my little pony, coz hey I was a big fan back in the day when it first aired, so I do know a few or two of the ponyhood, yet it has been so many years and i know for a fact that the 2010 version has a pretty big fan base, but then again i just notice that the fans are not only girls of a certain age, but guys of all kinds of generations, the so called BRONY’s or BRONIES (correct me if I’m wrong…), so this bronies grab my attention and I immediately started to search for some answer (I was on a mission, a quest of the bronieship) Obviously I know more and more about the topic (i even saw a documentary about it, uuuhhh aahhh) and then I just wanted to know one more thing…If guys like the cartoon, why do they? is it really that good to watch? will I get all obsess over it if I start to watch it myself or what crazy voodoo will happen to me…

I wanted to test my hypothesis about the matter and started watching some random episode and at first it was one of the season 3 and before you know it I was literally watching the whole season and to top that…I wanted to start from the first season and finish the second season. All of that in approximately 2 weeks, just watching non-stop, so I then realize it is addictive and catchy. It’s really about the whole package of the series, good plot, good animation, you identifying with the characters, so I have to say that i became I fan, i will confess that at first a didn’t believe it and was a little embarrass about it, but well I like it, it doesn’t mean that I love it forever and ever and ever…

P.S.: The answers to your questions are always out there, when you finally find them any reaction to it is something new that adds to your life experience , Peace out!