Stressful Sell!

Hard Sell (TV series)

Hard Sell (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my first blog of the year…I will explain what is happening right now in this very moment…ok maybe you’ll see after, but sooner or later it doesn’t really matter…OR DOES IT?! (suspense music…) WAAAHAAAHAAA (cough, cough, COUGH!, Im ok I think…yeah I’m ok).

I will start with what happen to be something great for me yesterday and then get to the point. Yesterday was like angels singing to my ears! Wonderful feeling of knowing that you have something that others want and that they would pay you for it, yeap I wanted to sell so bad my notebook and somebody was willing to buy it, YEAY!!! (oh so I thought it would be great).

The problem is the guy couldn’t pick up the notebook and pay me yesterday, so I arrange with him to meet me today…OH BOY the stress is building up! Little did i know that I would wake up early for nothing…because the guy didn’t show up early and hasn’t even call me to meet me later…OHHH the suffering! 

Things that makes me go all She Hulk:

1. Wake up early for nothing…I would have slept more

2. Wasting my time…I needed some other stuff to do

3. Not being able to achive selling my notebook…K.O.

P.S.: Try to make the best of anything that happens to you…Peace OUT! (Iwill tell you guys what happen in the end)


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