You need to know!

Who's the Boss?

Who’s the Boss? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I’m starting a proyect for a tv show with some “Person” aka BOSS and I begin by editing some video clips…everything cool, I was in my own oasis when suddenly I got a email saying to move my little butt to finish “the thing”, like 2 fast and  2 furious FAST!, So in my mind I was hold your panties girl! I don’t have allI need to edit all of it (other videos and stuff were missing at the moment) My Boss at the moment is a really cool person don’t get me wrong (She is so nice!) the only thing that bothers me is that she does not know how the editing process works…the doesn’t know the harships and struggles, then again do all bosses know the process of every employee working in their company?…

Face it, most of them own the place but, while others come from below and then reach to the top (but no everyone), so those who have money buys his own company, gets his employees and builds his big empire without knowing what everybody has to do daily.

From my point of view for example, if you study to be a tv producer its a plus like in all jobs to know the process of al the production of a video and in my opinion if you’ve been working years in the field, you own your tv show and you a very influencial person in the area then is key to know the basics of everything, because someone like me that aint owner of nothing and doesn’t have money, I know editing, recording, production, directing, acting, photography, screenplay writing…at least the basic of almost everything.

Overall I’m a believer in knowing all you can know about your craft, because you never know if you need it and also nobody can fool you with doing stuff that their doing but you know its wrong…

P.S.: Please people do us profesionals a favor and get to know more of what you have in your hands and try to understand what the poeple around you do on a daily base to make your life a little bit more easy…Peace Out!!!  


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