With or without…


There is something that’s been happening frequently and modesty aside I’m getting quite popular with the male gender…Ok ok, don’t get me wrong is not like I’m being hooking up with random guys, is just that they are flirtatious, want me to be their girlfriend and also want to MARRY ME! What the hell and ok I have to admit that I like the compliments and enjoy the attention…BUT, yeap there is always a BUT! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND already and I’m very much happy with him (flowers, butterflies, hearts floating) What is the problem with the whole MEN want me NOW, it’s not because of my boyfriend being jealous or anything (he takes this situation very smooth), it’s not that I’m bothered about it, so Why?

Let’s start taking baby steps on the matter…Yesterday made 5 months being with my boyfriend (Aww so cute) but before that’s being WITHOUT a boyfriend wasn’t so cool AT ALL…and as any other women being alone when begin to wonder why and think:

1. Do I have so strange disease that makes men go away?

2. I’m a radioactive? (Cool I’m a Hero)

3. I’m I really ugly? (Mom the you were lying all this time…shame on you!)

4. Probably I’m not a boys type (Oh oh so then I’m a girls type…)

5. WHAT’S WRONG WITH? (Me crying)

The basic thing is that no GUY would even look at me before in a romantic kind of way, it’s not that I wasn’t good looking, or smart enough, or any other thing I could think about…And then it hit me, maybe, just maybe I wasn’t in a relationship, I was without a boyfriend, I realize now that now that I’m with somebody that maybe I look more interesting, ALELUYA, yeah I know what you guys are thinking “it’s so not TRUE Valz, that’s just in your head bla bla bla”, ok it’s not because of that’s, but the bottom line is that WHERE?, WHERE were all those guys that NOW are hitting on ME 5 months ago and BEFORE? WHY NOW GOD? It came to me that although this equation does not have scientific proof , it is meaningful to me right now:



P.S.: When someone picks you out of all the people in world that means your special to that person, so there are a lot a reasons I picked my boyfriend out of all of the men… The simply pic above I made it btw LOL, PEACE OUT!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kitt Crescendo
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 04:29:23

    I think that many women, when with a man, show a comfort and confidence in themselves that is sometimes missing when you are single. I’ve learned that men find confidence sexy…so that maybe why men’s interests seems to spike when you already have someone… But who knows? They’re men. They’re from Mars, We’re from Venus. 🙂



    • valzbunny
      Dec 12, 2012 @ 04:34:48

      I also think is part of Men are more interested, because we do get more confident as we already have somebody and we don’t need tense about acting cool around guys. Your right!



  2. Caitlin
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 15:02:16

    thanks for the ping back!! definitely an interesting concept… and probably true!



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