God always wins…

Winner (Rythem song)

Winner (Rythem song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before hand I would like to point out that this post has nothing to do with any religious believes (you will see). So where to begin…Ah yes, today I was on the phone with my bff and it got to the point that she had her opinion on something and I had mine…(We got in a I say you say situation) Nobody wanted to loose so I got to a very silly and weird scenario like this:

Me: Nop

She: Yeap

Me: No

She: Yes

Me: Its a no…

She. Its a yes!



Me: I say no and that’s that!

She: I say no times 1000

Me: No times infinity!

She: Yes, period!

Me: It’s a no and period from GOD!

She: Period from God? What are you talking about…Don’t just take anything from God!

Me: God is with me! (Yeah I’m the winner, GAME OVER!)

P.S.: Yeah I won because god always wins, wuahahahaha! Peace out!!!


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