Anniversary yeay!


Anniversary (Photo credit: mac.rj)

Wow I did not realize that I had 1 year blogging (tears dropping snif snif) God time pass so fast!!!  I want to take some time and reflect (Getting serious now lol) about this year of posting all of my stuff and that many of you enjoy reading. I’ve notice that blogging not only was new for me and that a rarely write anything on my own to show in public, the experience her at wordpress, made me focus on something that I ended up liking. I want to show my opinion why I enjoy blogging now here…

1. I know I’m not a amazing writer but I’m getting good at it.

2. I realize a hidden talent.

3. Its nice to know that something your write others take interest to read it.

4. You get to see other post that look just like yours and relate to it.

5. Your get to share a lot of yourself with people.

All I know is that I’m happy and grateful for all of my followers and everyone that likes my post, so I just hope to bring more fun stuff in the future!

P.S.: Take some chances, take some risk you never now what’s going to happen unless you try, The time is NOW! Happy 1st  Anniversary for me!!!


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