Say my name…


Panama (Photo credit: OEA – OAS)



No no no, it’s not a Destiny’s Child reference …(chin up) it’s more like a trip to my little self from the past (UHHH time travel…NOT)


You see my early years hearing my name from others was not so bad (me living in USA), because my full name is almost all in English (except my second last name), so it was a piece of cake for everyone (no biggie), but as a got older and my mom and dad got issues (got divorced) we decided to go to PANAMA (Hot and sexy oh lala), little did i know that I was about to be involved in a journey far my imagination can go (epic soundtrack feeling!), yeah yeah too much “epicness”, the thing is that I pretty much had to be force to learn SPANISH (Hotter and sexier!) So then again it was hard, but not impossible. I got into school, I finally achieved the language (Before I could only understand, but I then wrote and spoke it, hurray) Now what is all the commotion you all might ask…you guys remember the part of my almost full names in in english…BINGO, yes my name became a HAZARD to most of my teachers (Ugly stuff indeed, yeap) So every time when my teacher’s called out my name it was ludicrous, you could see them stutter, their minds went blank, it was almost like the process of speaking was less than a zero, it eventually became annoying to some point, until a got over it and tried better ways to deal with it like:


1. Every time I saw them having problems saying a name i would automatically raise my hand (Here!)


2. As the year went on i would know what number i would be in the list and shout out my name and they would see me (Amen)


3. In the end I would tell them “say it as you feel like it, i will know or just say my first name”.

P.S.: Learn to deal the little things in life and you will move on just fine, Peace Out!!!




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