God always wins…

Winner (Rythem song)

Winner (Rythem song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before hand I would like to point out that this post has nothing to do with any religious believes (you will see). So where to begin…Ah yes, today I was on the phone with my bff and it got to the point that she had her opinion on something and I had mine…(We got in a I say you say situation) Nobody wanted to loose so I got to a very silly and weird scenario like this:

Me: Nop

She: Yeap

Me: No

She: Yes

Me: Its a no…

She. Its a yes!



Me: I say no and that’s that!

She: I say no times 1000

Me: No times infinity!

She: Yes, period!

Me: It’s a no and period from GOD!

She: Period from God? What are you talking about…Don’t just take anything from God!

Me: God is with me! (Yeah I’m the winner, GAME OVER!)

P.S.: Yeah I won because god always wins, wuahahahaha! Peace out!!!


Anniversary yeay!


Anniversary (Photo credit: mac.rj)

Wow I did not realize that I had 1 year blogging (tears dropping snif snif) God time pass so fast!!!  I want to take some time and reflect (Getting serious now lol) about this year of posting all of my stuff and that many of you enjoy reading. I’ve notice that blogging not only was new for me and that a rarely write anything on my own to show in public, the experience her at wordpress, made me focus on something that I ended up liking. I want to show my opinion why I enjoy blogging now here…

1. I know I’m not a amazing writer but I’m getting good at it.

2. I realize a hidden talent.

3. Its nice to know that something your write others take interest to read it.

4. You get to see other post that look just like yours and relate to it.

5. Your get to share a lot of yourself with people.

All I know is that I’m happy and grateful for all of my followers and everyone that likes my post, so I just hope to bring more fun stuff in the future!

P.S.: Take some chances, take some risk you never now what’s going to happen unless you try, The time is NOW! Happy 1st  Anniversary for me!!!

Say my name…


Panama (Photo credit: OEA – OAS)



No no no, it’s not a Destiny’s Child reference …(chin up) it’s more like a trip to my little self from the past (UHHH time travel…NOT)


You see my early years hearing my name from others was not so bad (me living in USA), because my full name is almost all in English (except my second last name), so it was a piece of cake for everyone (no biggie), but as a got older and my mom and dad got issues (got divorced) we decided to go to PANAMA (Hot and sexy oh lala), little did i know that I was about to be involved in a journey far my imagination can go (epic soundtrack feeling!), yeah yeah too much “epicness”, the thing is that I pretty much had to be force to learn SPANISH (Hotter and sexier!) So then again it was hard, but not impossible. I got into school, I finally achieved the language (Before I could only understand, but I then wrote and spoke it, hurray) Now what is all the commotion you all might ask…you guys remember the part of my almost full names in in english…BINGO, yes my name became a HAZARD to most of my teachers (Ugly stuff indeed, yeap) So every time when my teacher’s called out my name it was ludicrous, you could see them stutter, their minds went blank, it was almost like the process of speaking was less than a zero, it eventually became annoying to some point, until a got over it and tried better ways to deal with it like:


1. Every time I saw them having problems saying a name i would automatically raise my hand (Here!)


2. As the year went on i would know what number i would be in the list and shout out my name and they would see me (Amen)


3. In the end I would tell them “say it as you feel like it, i will know or just say my first name”.

P.S.: Learn to deal the little things in life and you will move on just fine, Peace Out!!!




Liking too much!

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de...

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita del simboletto “like” di FB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi guys, I have been wondering the meaning of liking post over at Facebook

The basic thing is everybody everywhere like and favors a lot on Facebook, it’s ok clicking at the like button (OMG I’m so liking this already, click click click), you see some interesting comment that friends post and you go ahead a click like, some picture or photo is post click (Hell yeah), you tagged somebody to another person or animal or thing and CLICK (to the like button), everybody know’s this simple process, it only take a second to LIKE anything (GRRRR…Calm down girl calm down).

You guys probable wondering why I DISLIKE this simple process…(I don’t hate it, juts so I can be clear on the matter) The problem is when someone comes every freaking time and likes everything you put, you might as well put “I’m pupping right now!” and that someone can click like on it, you can say “Go f%$” yourself” and he/she will eventually put LIKE, the examples are endless…The part that I don’t get is when you post a link of a youtube video and in seconds the like of certain human/stalker/don’t have a life/curious george/I want to unfriend you…Hasn’t even watched the damn video (Really..come on, at least you need 5 minutes to see all of it so you can say you like it).

Yeah I know, I’m being overboard, but my concept of liking something is to first:

1. Look at it completely.

2. See if its interesting to you or has any meaning.

3.Then you put like because you can identify or it entertains you.

Otherwise people may think you have too much spare time, no life at all and you stalking the living soul of others.


Do you have friends that take the LIKE button so seriously? Let me Know! Peace out!

Fast Food Math!

Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh my god, it’s been a while…a while? A lot of time has past since I posted something new…well well, where do I start?…Ok, i admit I’m a fast food junkie, There i’ve said it! So I  guess I’ve eaten a lot of junk in my life…The REAL DEAL here is not about my taste in food, rather the service that comes with eating in certain places…i will start my story with a narrative feel to it (cough cough)

Its was dark…dark because it was night (lol) My mom and I were going to eat at (censured) to buy (censured), suddenly, my mom toke out some, Some, SOME!…Coupons hihihihi, gotcha there (evil laugh) we used them to upgrade out goodies, but later one…the guys taking our order got picky and told us that we couldn’t use 3 coupons…My mom said: Oh Sr. but why may i ask? (british ascent) Ok ok my mom spoke in spanish and yes we do speak spanish. The guy explain to us that we could only use 2 coupons because we were 2 ordering…my mom told him we were ordering 3 combos not too, so what if we are 3!, No no no because the 3 persons of the 3 combos had to be present…(OH REALLY!!!) Let have a break here a use our logic: What happens if I order at the drive thru and i’m the only one in the car and i order 3 combos because I’m taking them home (my dad and mom waiting at home)?

Choose one of the se 3 options:

Option 1: When I get there I don’t use the coupons because there are not 3 costumers for the 3 combos…

Option 2: I discuss about letting me use them no matter what and get upset…

Option 3: I get angry and tell them to go to…

Not very nice indeed…But fortunately he spoke to the manager and we bought the 3 combos with our coupons…they told us that the only problem was that we had to pay all the combos individually (So stupid but what the hell)…But that wasn’t all…When we got our order (I always check the receipt), Oh man what do I see, they charge us 0.65 for the 3 combos to be upgraded, When the solely purpose of the coupons was to have the upgrade for free!!! I told my mom that they charge us anyways…She told the guy that he had to give her 1.95 back, he was like “Oh I see i didn’t do the discount for you” (Wao what a smart guy he is!) But not smart enough…because he gave to my mom 1.75, I was like wow that’s not what you have to give us (Hell no) It’s 1.95, Then he goes like “No miss YOUR WRONG it’s 1.75” (OHH NO HE DIDN’T) SR. ITS 1.95 I even did it with my calculator so you can see, if you don’t believe my math skills!!!

He even ask his manager if it was right…(OH COME ON!) Let’s take another break of wisdom shall we: If you have 0.65×3 how much is it?…1.95!!! 5×3 is 15, you take 1…6×3 is 18 plus 1 is 195…1 DOLAR and 95 CENTS, you do the math!!! So damn simply a kid can do that math…Even I am bad at math, but I guess there are worst then me!

P.S.: Check your order, your receipts, your change, because you never know with what kind a person your dealing with! Peace out!!!