Decide (Photo credit: mattwi1s0n)

It’s been a while…I know right! But i’m back to share a not so new but, it never goes anywhere TOPIC…uuhhh wonder what is is…Just looking at the title you probably know already…It’s another decisive moment in our lives like college, work, marriage or HAVING BABIES!!! Not so fast, I already graduate (Check), I’m working on getting a job (Semi-Check), I wont be married any soon and I’m sure not planning to have kids!!! So…the topic is pretty simple (drums)…

All my life I have encounter PEOPLE who are indecisive, starting with my dad, don’t get me wrong my dad is a great DUDE but he never could make up his mind not even NOW…The struggles I had to face since my early childhood to pick his shirt, pants, shoes, ties, socks, even UNDERWEAR…OK I’ve gone to far, not underwear but basically everything he had to wear daily…And i’m just saying the tip of the iceberg…Because every time we went out to eat if it wasn’t my mom (she always refused to deal with him…) it was certainly THE DAUGHTER (me) who would have to make up his mind…But then again as years went on I had master some kind of special ABILITY  I never would have thought I could have…PERSUASION!!!! YEAH BABY! So I guess what come around goes around SWEET! Then I managed to eliminate options (that’s what I like to call it “OPTION ELIMINATION”) so that my dad can decide better by suggesting what best for him by eliminating options (I’m a clever one? Oh yes you are, you are clever hehehe) (Cough-cough)

Then again when it’s your FRIEND, and a special one, that gets on your nerves…WE HAVE A PROBLEM HOUSTON! Maybe I like to plan the way I do things…Maybe I would like to go where I decided to go…Maybe I LIKE TO MAKE UP MY MIND…thank you very much…Calming down…going to my happy place Ammh Ammh…

People people, I’m not saying is bad to think about some decisions, because the serious ones need their time obviously, but the common daily simple ones…Can’t you speed them up a notch! Seriously YOLO but THE TIME IS NOW!!!

P.S.: Make up your minds people, some of us in the world can’t waste their time because of you, don’t hesitate and do what you have to do, if you fail then just get up that butt and move on, everybody makes wrong decisions or good ones, but that doesn’t mean your doomed!


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