So damn expensive!

steppin' out

steppin’ out (Photo credit: paloetic)

Hi! it’s been long…but I did say I would be back or I think I did… (whatever) the thing is that I’ve grown to be a pretty lady…(no modesty at all) I have certain things to do so my lovelyness can bloom…Why do women take on the hardships of beauty, Really?! In my point of view we are masochistic in a certain point (ok in any point!) Why do we put up with the beauty $%”$% (yes its a very bad word, if you don’t know just fill the blank with the weirds sings below).

Let me start here:

The clothes…that are the less painful things we put on (I think…), We as women need 2 types of underwear, NOT ONE BUT 2! Le bra and Le pantie…Depending on the form of the bra it can get uncomfortable while using it, then comes the shoes (high heel are deathly) and on top of that we like to put on clothes that don’t really fit us. The makeup (Almost all of us wear that and if you don’t in some way you have, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE) the are so expensive when you literally use any type of it, all the colors, shape and sizes makes you want to run…naahhh there are so precious, uuhhh my precious…moving on… The critical part of make up its when its too close to the eyes…careful there cowgirl you don’t want to poke you eye, don’t you? Then comes the most painful place and expensive experience any women have encounter…THE HAIR SALOON! Doom doom doom doooom (Some sound effects were needed to have a dramatic feel to it) And why is the hair saloon is brutal I might say, because there you get blowed by hot air, ironed, wet and and and everything for lots of bucks my friend. I’m not saying that i don’t do this or but that, I’m just saying that beauty comes with a sacrifice only women do…because I don’t think men would take the blow (just saying, no offense you guys)

So next time you gals go shopping and get all pretty, buy stuff you really are comfortable with, that screams YOU and not those skinny chicks you see on the runway (models), because in the end of the day you are you and your the only one looking like that and wearing those things…

P.S: The Him probable was thinking this post was for him…but I decided to have 101 with the ladies, Peace Out!!!


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