Epic Fail…

The Fail Barnstar!

The Fail Barnstar! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life you always have a chance to be gifted with the so called “Beginners Luck”, no matter what you do or when you do it, it’s a one time shot the god bless you to be a winner at something you will do for the first time…and modest or not, but I’ve had the privilege to have a lot off those first winning moments! The truth is that you never really know…it just does! So I usually prefer to say that I’m an amateur when I start playing anything (it’s a lucky charm, trust me it is…) So, this past saturday I went with some friends to play pool (Aleluya!!! I so wanted to play, yeay!!!) little did i know that my playing skills would evolve (Because seriously man, I don’t even know the basic, I just play! you have a problem with that?…Aha I didn’t think so either hahaha) Right so where was I…yeah me being good in something I know little about and being AWESOME! (Sorry I got carried away…hihihi) So, we played by teams of 2 and changed partner every time we played a diferent game (Obviously No Da…) and everything was crystal clear…Until the final game (Suspense sound effects- Psyco movie soundtrack) It’s was ME and the 8 ball…I was facing the 8 ball with intense concentration… my partner was cheering for me in the other end…drops of sweat were pouring down my face…I swallowed and, and, AND!!! I move a tinsy bit the stupid 8 ball and lost my turn…EPIC FAIL!!!! NOOOOO, yes my friends it was EPIC! and I totally failed BIG TIME! but then again…I was and still be an amateur at pool. So I just fell to my knees and said “Why, why me!!!” But the good part is that i was the one who got more balls in the holes…( hell yeah who’s you mama?)

P.S.: Never underestimate a beginner, you’ll never know if he will be very lucky…and don’t me cocky by thinking your a pro, just have fun and enjoy!!! Peace out!!!


You gotta be kidding…

Surprised Smiley

Surprised Smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, well, well…it’s little old me in a dilemma (Again!), only that this time is part funny and embarrassing at the same time. You guys remember last post right? (If you don’t remember or didn’t read it then go and read it already! Geez! (Just joking…but if you read it, it’ll make sense what i’m posting here) So…the thing is that I said some pretty serious matters (almost out of my character) and somebody read it (lets call that somebody “Him” shall we…) You see my master plan was posting it late so that “Him” wouldn’t see it (But eventually it was an epic fail…) because it actually did see it on Facebook (yeah, yeah my post always gets post on Facebook…) So it was shocking for me to get up, check out my post on Facebook and realize that “Him” put like to my post!!! Why me!!! (Stupid Post!!! Damn you rot into the depths of the world! )

There is one thing you have to have clear…if you want somebody to know it’s ok to say it out loud and proud…but if you don’t want that person to know then don’t take chances…(I did it and well nothing really bad happened but if it was another matter I would have a serious problem…Like when I write a private message to the wrong person (It happens to me a lot…) or when I think I’m texting to somebody but in the end is another person but with the same name (God too many Carlos and Manuels hahaha)

So back to the main theme…yes “Him” know it was him…it was SO OBVIOUS (I wanted to kill myself) and I also knew that he woudl think it was him, so the hard part was really should i ask him if he really read the hole damn thing (Damn you post!!!) or not say a comment and leave it there…but then again, I so “Curious” for my own good that I opened my mouth! and it went something like this:

Me: Hey so you saw the post?

“Him”: The post on Facebook…yeah

Me: Yeah, because i saw you put “Like”…Did you read it all?

“Him”: Sure, if I put “Like” it because I read all of it

Me: Oh ok…

“Him”: Do I know that guy?…

Me: I don’t know, Do you? hehehe…

And the of course from that point one I was so busted, I just wanted in that moment for some Mortal Combat character to finish me into fatality! But it really wasn’t that bad, so i just laugh it out and cool down…

P.S.: Deny, deny and deny any weird thing that you post, it wasn’t you it was you alter ego playing tricks on you…Ok, ok just be true to yourself and express yourself freely, you don’t have to be ashamed if what you are saying is from the heart, Peace out!


Word Is Love

Word Is Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been told that “love” comes when you don’t even expect it…Yeah  I know what your thinking: “OMG this chick is gonna get all melodrama now…” Not!…ok just a little…I will start by saying that the word “love” was never my favorite and why you might ask? because I always ended up with (%·%$&) You see what I did…I made you think that I was cursing right there…did I? you will never know…OK, moving on…I admit that all my failed relationships were part my fault too…but then again I had bad boyfriends, so now that my world has come to a turning point in my whole love/romance/loveydovey scenario I have embrace the word “love” in a freakin other level (yes, I’m excited), coz not only I’m accepting that true love does exist (thought it was a fairytale mith) I’m in the process of falling in LOVE, yes guys I’ve fallen!

It’s started with a kiss…yeah that’s not really true…it started we: I know you, you have a friend, your friend see’s me, I see you friend and whatever, then I invited you with you friend to my house,  I get to know your friend better, we go out, we make out and…Nothing happen it was our first date, damn guys chill, GOD!, so…it’s was something like that, then we got to know each other more…NO! not like that, OMG! hahaha just kiddin and know we are going on a date soon so I will see how it goes…(We are going to the movies!)

The good thing about falling in love is that the moments you share with that special someone is great even if your doing nothing, just being with that person, talking, laughing, enjoying life together makes anything you do worth it and so if you want to know more about my Awesome date…you will never know it’s private, shame on you!

P.S.: Love is sometimes unexpected, so don’t try to understand it, just embrace it and be happy!!! Peace out!!!