“The Dilema” Short Film!

Hi bringing back my older post “Short Film“, I wanted to share that my partners and I got our short film in a festival and got nominated has the best 8…The festival is pretty new over here at my home town and its called “Macrofest”, is a festival that combines different arts and this year the opened a short film contest so we got the chance to enter. In these cases I like to sit back and relax when you have the suspense built up because you don’t have clue if you got any chance at all of getting nominated…so I was chillin when out of the blue I got a phone call from one of my partners and he was like:

Partner: Do you know? Did you read the email?!

Me: What? when? why? (yeah because I’m 24/7 online, hell no)

Partner: We are in!!!

Me: Like Macrofest in…IN?

Partner. Yeap, Congrats Partner!!!

Me: Nooooo waayyy, yeahhhh!!!

The festival was awesome it was so my kind of style, so bohemian, artsy, fresh and cool!!! We had a blast and felt really overwhelming of showing our piece of work and art (so satisfying). We didn’t win but it’s ok we showed it with pride! Now not only did we got nominated in a festival but since yesterday our production company is officially registered by law and now exist as our company, so hurray for us as we’re one step to achieving our goal!!!

P.S.: Now is time for rolling another short film wahahaha, Peace out!


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