Crying in silence…

Hi guys I told you I would be back!!!

A toddler girl crying

A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I decided to do one of my guilty pleasures…Watch a movie!!! The type of movie that melts your heart, that makes you fuzzy inside, that makes you wanna love all the world and make world peace kind of a movie…yeah, one of those! so meanwhile when I was at it…one of the scenes got my attention, it was when the lead role (woman) was at a store on some girls were talking bad behind her back (you don’t need to know why…watch the movie) and then without them noticing she cries in silence as the walk out the store…(I will tell you the name of the movie don’t worry be happy) so then I realized that it has been over decades since I’ve cried in silence (ok just years or since I was 5 and that’s a lot) so first I wondered why and then I got myself some conclusive info that makes sense.

These are the reasons:

1. If I have someone or a group of people by my side I tend to hide my wimpy self because I don’t want them to know I’m crying.

2. If I fight with someone I tend to cry therefore a prefer him/her not having the satisfaction of seeing me upset because of him/her fault.

3. If I fail to the first to points then someone noticing I’m crying for ask me “why are you crying or what happen” and then I’ll cry a river…

This habit of me crying in silence is because everything I misbehave my mom would tell me “are you crying stop crying or else…(I would’n get what I wanted or she slap my butt again)” so I guess through time I got just to it…Oh right the movie is called “Wonderful radio” is korean btw…

P.S.: I will try to break the habit and cry loud sometimes…PEACE OUT!


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