B1A4 2

B1A4 2 (Photo credit: Kim Min Ai)

So cute, so adorable. love the videos so check it out!


Teen Top!

Check out the Teen Top videos so far…their cool!

Spica “Painkiller”!

Your looking for actitud, good vocal, spice and everything nice…check out this girl korean group their awesome!

“The Dilema” Short Film!

Hi bringing back my older post “Short Film“, I wanted to share that my partners and I got our short film in a festival and got nominated has the best 8…The festival is pretty new over here at my home town and its called “Macrofest”, is a festival that combines different arts and this year the opened a short film contest so we got the chance to enter. In these cases I like to sit back and relax when you have the suspense built up because you don’t have clue if you got any chance at all of getting nominated…so I was chillin when out of the blue I got a phone call from one of my partners and he was like:

Partner: Do you know? Did you read the email?!

Me: What? when? why? (yeah because I’m 24/7 online, hell no)

Partner: We are in!!!

Me: Like Macrofest in…IN?

Partner. Yeap, Congrats Partner!!!

Me: Nooooo waayyy, yeahhhh!!!

The festival was awesome it was so my kind of style, so bohemian, artsy, fresh and cool!!! We had a blast and felt really overwhelming of showing our piece of work and art (so satisfying). We didn’t win but it’s ok we showed it with pride! Now not only did we got nominated in a festival but since yesterday our production company is officially registered by law and now exist as our company, so hurray for us as we’re one step to achieving our goal!!!

P.S.: Now is time for rolling another short film wahahaha, Peace out!

Crying in silence…

Hi guys I told you I would be back!!!

A toddler girl crying

A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I decided to do one of my guilty pleasures…Watch a movie!!! The type of movie that melts your heart, that makes you fuzzy inside, that makes you wanna love all the world and make world peace kind of a movie…yeah, one of those! so meanwhile when I was at it…one of the scenes got my attention, it was when the lead role (woman) was at a store on some girls were talking bad behind her back (you don’t need to know why…watch the movie) and then without them noticing she cries in silence as the walk out the store…(I will tell you the name of the movie don’t worry be happy) so then I realized that it has been over decades since I’ve cried in silence (ok just years or since I was 5 and that’s a lot) so first I wondered why and then I got myself some conclusive info that makes sense.

These are the reasons:

1. If I have someone or a group of people by my side I tend to hide my wimpy self because I don’t want them to know I’m crying.

2. If I fight with someone I tend to cry therefore a prefer him/her not having the satisfaction of seeing me upset because of him/her fault.

3. If I fail to the first to points then someone noticing I’m crying for ask me “why are you crying or what happen” and then I’ll cry a river…

This habit of me crying in silence is because everything I misbehave my mom would tell me “are you crying stop crying or else…(I would’n get what I wanted or she slap my butt again)” so I guess through time I got just to it…Oh right the movie is called “Wonderful radio” is korean btw…

P.S.: I will try to break the habit and cry loud sometimes…PEACE OUT!

Glen Check

Is a korean indie group of 3 members, they’re music is kind of electronic, ecleptic and a timeless vibe to it, I really think the music is cool, check out there new album Haute Couture!

Glen Check are a mix of guitar, synth, and drums. Rather than moving towards an electronica presence, they mix the different instruments together and make music that sits in a lot of different genres.

The first track on Haute Couture “The Naked Sun” is a big departure from their first EP Disco Elevator which sounded a lot more indie rock with synth rounding out the melody. “The Naked Sun” contains a much stronger synth presence. It bridges electronica with rock, but in a strange way that actually sounds like chiptune.

Haute Couture is a rapid step in a significantly more mature direction. The music contains the elements from Disco Elevator, but the arrangements of songs and the construction of each song sounds less amateur. Vocals take a back seat on the album overall though. Each song has a slightly different core theme with some songs pushing a large dance-pop sound like on “French Virgin Party.”

I really enjoy how Glen Check has matured as artists with Haute Couture. They bridged their original release while moving forward and presenting an album that is a lot different from other albums and actually creating a sound that is uniquely their own. (This info on http://www.koreanindie.com/2012/03/08/glen-check-haute-couture/)

Here are some of there videos:

Glen Check-Bataille + French Virgin Party (together)

Glen Check-Racket

I recommend you listen to these although they are not MV:

Glen Check-Au revoir

Glen Check- 60’s Cardin


I’ll be back…

Hi everybody I know I’ve been gone for a while now but I’ll be back for more daily soup and kpop