Short Film Begins!!!

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Hi, today I wasn’t really sure what to right, because nothing is going on new in my life, except…That i’m doing a short film yeay (smiley face and thumbs up), with some of my friends at the University, we are planning this since November 2011 and we’re quite getting everything together! Tomorrow we will officially sit down and organize our schedule for filming…We’re aiming for the Panama Film Festival, so we hope something good come out of our hard work yeay (sense my excitement hahaha) I’ll have my fingers crossed!

P.S. Hard work pays big time! Peace out!



For Kdrama Fans!!!

Kpop Fans second poll!!!

Yoon Mirae T “Get it in” MV Korean ver.

I love this song, especially because it has all the things that I love in music…its asian, the hip hop/ pop style, the special fx and the lyrics are so cool!!! It reminds me of an asian Kill Bill scene, with a little bit of Star Wars (you will know what i’m talking about when you see the end…).

Here is the Korean version because i love this version the most so enjoy!

Are you ready Kpop Fans?!