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Aliens (film)

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A long time has passed since when my friends and I were discussing movies that where related to aliens, we noticed that their are a lot of them since 2000 and little by little movie makers don’t get sick or have little imagination for some titles…let me ilustrate…

First was Depredadors…with all their saga…cool

Second was Aliens…then Alien 2…Alien 3…Ok I get it is the trilogy of it.

Third came Aliens vs Depredadors…the combo.

Fourth even though it was not the classic sci fi movie…came Aliens vs Monsters…OK Dreamworks gave something…

But really!!! Why make Aliens vs Cowboy??!! Why? Imagination is lost people, buy originality for crying out loud!!! Then what?…Alien vs Robots, Aliens vs Ninjas, Aliens vs Zombies…ohh Don’t you dare take my brilliant movie titles ideas!!! HAHAHA…Come on!!!

It apears to me that we can’t have enough of alien invasion at the screen…we like to see little or big funny looking creatures to control our world…we like to have war, fights and almost caos with them…Why? The only good ones are The Autobots, but still you have to watch out with The Decepticons

We don’t even know if they’re good or bad…I really don’t think fear is the answer…And I don’t want to think that powerful poeple are brainwashing us for better control…

P.S. Aliens are not the only thing people want to see and make up know titles, Peace Out!


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