One of those days…

Bad Day (Daniel Powter song)

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I know that everybody has a bad day once in a while…I know I’ve had many…and probably many close friends or family would say “so…it wasn’t your day…” I would cool down and laugh about it later, but at that moment you think that all the cosmos is plotting some evil prank against you!

I got the feeling that yesterday was pretty good, I went to the movies with my dad, got my popcorn and soda (I can’t go to the movies and not eat popcorn and not drink soda…that totally a “most”) and we were watching Money Ball (It was interesting yet I’m not much of a baseball fan…). Suddenly in the middle of the movie someone calls my dad and he pick up his cell…(now you can imagine people “ssshhh” around us…so wrong!) and I hate when people pick up their calls in the middle of the movie and now my dad does it beside me, really?! (OMG! put “mute” to the damn cell), but that wasn’t it…the one who called him was my grandma reminding my dad to go to a doc’s appointment at 5pm and it was already 5 and the movie wasn’t over…(I told he to go) So he went and left me there all alone and someone would pick me up later and take me to class.

When the movie ended I was waiting for the person who was going to pick me up (I would have took a taxi, but my grandma said that it would be best to wait for someone for safety), the thing is I was waiting outside the movie theater and it started to rain…so I stand where I couldn’t get wet, but without noticing the person that was going to pick me up drove and passed the entrance and turned around again because he didn’t see me…And I called (he told me he didn’t see me) and I waited and I stood at the sidewalk so he could get a chance to TARGET ME from the distance and at 7pm he drove me to class (when I was suppose to be there at 6pm) I was so pissed!!!

When I got to class everybody came late and we started at 8pm to work on a proyect…and then again I was still pissed! I even asked for a hug to not cry of anger and punch a wall to stop the anger within…The only good thing trough all the bad luck is that we managed to finish our proyect.

P.S. Not everyday is a good day but even at the worst escenario something good always happens. Peace Out!


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  1. Juan
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 02:31:05

    I’m sorry you a bad day… but the song is pretty good =)…. hope tomorrow you have a better day =)



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