Hard to get…not interested

Kristen Confident

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

It’s weird when you start liking someone and that someone feels almighty somehow because your “caught in his/her web”, so that person knows that if your so fallling for (him/her), he/she has total control on you (of course there are exceptions).

But when you start to be confident and not give in to the person, because you know your worth it… Things starts to get out of balance and it turns 360, so then you have the control and more…

Once I was “gaga” (not as crazy as Lady Gaga for sure) for a guy, but i couldn’t figure out why…It was as if he would always hypnotize me every time I saw him in a matter of seconds, i would go blank, say yes unconsciously to what came out of his mouth, follow every foot step he made (I could have win a role for Resident Evil as a zombie, for looking and acting like a freakin zombie) it was so hilarious and wrong at the same time.

So my best friend one day came to me and made a simple but disturbing question:

BFF: So you like (douche‘s name) and what you like about him?

Me: Well…he looks pretty good, right? (starting to dig in my mind)

BFF: He’s not that good looking, so?

Me: He’s nice…(Had no clue at all…)

BFF: You call nice…a guy that is always criticing you?

Me: He is just a good critict that’s all! (I was in denial)

BFF: He is totally not your type…

Me: (scanning…my brain answers “He is not you type”) I guess your right, I never before would have liked I guy like him…

That got me thinking, he is not a hottie, he is not smarter that me, he does say things i don’t want to hear about myself (I prefer to not know, so keep it to yourself) and again I’m falling for the guy? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!

I realize that he was just “playing hard to get” and I have so giving in like a total idiot, my pride started to rise and I wanted to end this ridiculous soup opera scene…

And it goes like this (Taking a part of Maroon’s five song “Moves like jagger” I can’t stop hearing it):

Me: Hey you know what?

Douche: What?

Me: I don’t know why I like you…

Douche: What’s that again?

Me: Are you deft? I don’t why I like you if you so not my type, you clearly don’t have time for me, you are not serious with nobody, you don’t believe in love so your not boyfriend material…(not interested)

Douche: So you don’t like me?

Me: Yeah, I guess I was wrong, but we still can be friends, right?

Douche: Well…yeah why not, so I see you next saturday/

Me: Saturday? I can’t, but well see each other some other day, next week maybe if I have time…

Douche: What day?

Me: I will call you…

Then from that day on, when we talk on the phone more and see each other more, but I’m not all blind and zombie about it. So my advice is to value yourself because you’re not either more or less that everyone else. Peace Out!



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