Appearance does matter!

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I’m a regular, normal girl that uses a lot of t-shirts, jeans and snickers…just once in a while I’ll dress up nice and put on makeup.

A while ago I had a professor that couldn’t remember my name (is not a weird name for god sake!), at firts a thought that it was going to be temporaly, but he keep on forgetting it and it started to be anoying to repeat my name everytime he adressed me with some other random name. Then one day i didn’t go to class because I was sick and the next week I took him my medical certificate as evidence of my sickness and he told me that he didn’t even notice that i didn’t came to class that week…I was like…really? (how dense can this guy be?).

A week passed and I had to do a presentation in class, so that day was “I wanna dress cool and put on make up day” because is an important presentation. When I walked in, he followed me to my table and sat right on the side and asked me like this:

Teaching Dude: So…you was sick the last week ah?

Me: Nop…it was 2 weeks ago…remember?

Teaching Dude: oohh right, my mistake, but sick of what?

Me: (I wanted to say sick of you, but I’m too respectful), I had a flu.

Teaching Dude: How are you now, are you ok?

Me: (Why do you want to know now?) Yes I’m better.

Teaching Dude: So are you ready for your presentation?

Me: (Don’t i look like I’m ready?) Sure.

Teaching Dude: Ok go ahead (he said my name) and go first.

Me: (Now you knwo my name?) Ok.

That day I could say anything and he would approve everything because I had his interest (I was smoking, if I don’t mind saying so myself), so I started to advice him to change some of his exam dates and presentations so it could be more convenient to everybody.

The next week he went back to the drawing board and didn’t even know I was there…Iguess this time I was my regular normal self so I wasn’t so appealing to him…And again I was invisible and less persuasive…

P.S. That shows you that our appearance matter a lot considering the circumstances that your in and that being pretty pays off big time! Peace Out!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Juan
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 07:37:19

    That guy was creepy… =/



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