It started with a promo…

I’ll start by saying that I really didn’t care about the money, I just wanted to do something for someone (even if I wasn’t obligated to do so…), In short i did a proyecto to someone and in exchange that person helped me with some cash (not too much, because that person didn’t have much money at the moment…moving on…) The problem is that the proyect or I so call proyect “Promo” wasn’t that great from the teachers point of view, so does that mean that “I” did poorly so she could fail or I just did what I could considering the circumstances? The thing is the proyect wasn’t finished and I told that person to finish it but that didn’t happen…ohhh and another thing that didn’t happen was the fact that she continued going to class!!! Aleluya the truth has once more been said! Well so here’s the thing if someone or some-body don’t show up at class in a while, what do you think will happen?


A. She will get a chance to do “all of the the proyects that she didn’t do when she was suppose to do”.

B. The “Blame has to fall onto the one that helped her, I mean who else, right? (Me)

C. She will fail from absence…

I mean, do the math, if you have to go to 15 classes and you just showed up to 5 and the rules are clear that if you have 3 no shows you don’t have thr right for a grade at all…there will be consequences!

True Story…Peace Out!

PS: Stupid Promo!


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